Use example for skin trouble

Breed of dog: Chihuahua, Atopic allergy
She has been suffering from skin troubles since she was 6month. There was no effective medical treatment from the vet so we start her on the herbal pack treatment.

Before herb mask – 12th September 2010

After 1st treatment – 12th September 2010
After treatment the herb paste removes the oily sebum. The skin turned to clean.

Before 2nd treatment – 25th September 2010

After 2nd treatment – 25th Sep. 2010

Before 3rd treatment – 12th Oct. 2010

After 3rd treatment – 12th Oct. 2010

Use example for skin trouble ( Demodectic acariasis)

Breed of dog: Yorkshire terrier
They have been taking her to veterinary for a year and half medical treatment; however, there was no effective result so they start the herb mask treatment.

Before Herb Pack – 18th July 2010

After 1st treatment – 18th July 2010

After 2nd treatment – 25th July 2010

After 3rd treatment – 1st August 2010
relieved an ugly rash and stopped scratching

After 4th treatment – 8th August 20100

After 5th treatment – 15th August 2010
Cleared redness and started hair growth. The weepy rash dried out as the scab starts to heal.

After 6th treatment – 22nd August 2010
Gradually her hair grows back with no new skin bumps. The smell from suppuration is completely gone.

After 7th treatment – 29th August 2010

After 8th treatment – 5th September 2010

After 9th treatment – 12th September 2010
After the treatment the scab has fully healed. Skin condition is improving.

After 10th treatment – 19th September 2010

After 11th treatment – 26th September 2010

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